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Well, let's see...I'm a mommy and a wife that crafts on the little spare time I have...I tend to sleep late to get more crafting in...I think we all do that. I can almost never finish a single project start to finish...why? Because I come up with a way better project or idea and have to do it RIGHT NOW!!! Needless to say I have many projects unfinished, kind of all over my craft room (hehe). I love working with all sorts of supplies, paper, lace, pearls, paint, sprays…anything pretty much. I've yet to try many other wonderful supplies out there but one day I will…and will leave an unfinished project behind to start a new one…

Friday, August 9, 2013

Lace Box with Drawers

This was a gift for a new friend in Canada (ScrapAtizer on YouTube).  I was so excited to try something new and definitely from scratch.  I used bling, lace, design paper, flower, modeling paste (for the very first time) and so much more for this project.  I know some of the paper was DCWV - Mariposa but I can't tell for sure on the others.  I just grabbed paper from all sorts of stacks.
I had so much fun making this little lace box and look forward to making more. 

 I'm almost at 250 subbies on YouTube (Luane Kash) and I may just make one as part of a giveaway...I love giveaways!!

Thanks for reading ~ Happy Crafting
Luane aka~LuluLama 

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