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Well, let's see...I'm a mommy and a wife that crafts on the little spare time I have...I tend to sleep late to get more crafting in...I think we all do that. I can almost never finish a single project start to finish...why? Because I come up with a way better project or idea and have to do it RIGHT NOW!!! Needless to say I have many projects unfinished, kind of all over my craft room (hehe). I love working with all sorts of supplies, paper, lace, pearls, paint, sprays…anything pretty much. I've yet to try many other wonderful supplies out there but one day I will…and will leave an unfinished project behind to start a new one…

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Floating Waterfall Page Tutorial

What up Crafty Peeps!!!

Some time ago I came up with an idea of putting together a waterfall page but without the actual working "pull tab".  What I came up with was the Floating Waterfall Page.  I also wanted to still see the actual background paper. 

Almost all the time we use the prettiest of papers and we cover them up with embellishments and photo mats and all that other yummy goodness.  So, I figured why not work around that so I can still take advantage of the beautiful paper.

Below is the video tutorial on how I made my Floating Waterfall Page.

Enjoy and thanks for watching!


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