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Well, let's see...I'm a mommy and a wife that crafts on the little spare time I have...I tend to sleep late to get more crafting in...I think we all do that. I can almost never finish a single project start to finish...why? Because I come up with a way better project or idea and have to do it RIGHT NOW!!! Needless to say I have many projects unfinished, kind of all over my craft room (hehe). I love working with all sorts of supplies, paper, lace, pearls, paint, sprays…anything pretty much. I've yet to try many other wonderful supplies out there but one day I will…and will leave an unfinished project behind to start a new one…

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Long Time No Write

I can not believe how long it's been since I've been on here.  I had so many plans and was excited about them all....then that all went away, just like that, KAPOOF!!! Yes, that's a word, but spell check came up with KICKAPOO.....AHAHAHAHA I like that one too!!!

Sophia started kindergarten last year, for a while I thought it was because I was just busy with her and school work.  Do you believe that they are teaching math in Kinder, it's pretty awesome, and she excelled in it this past year, YAY.  But anyhoozles, I realized I just didn't have it in me, to craft, to sew, paint, build..it was gone...

I had seen it coming to, just before Sophia went to school, I just started to not feel it.  A big part of me wanted to swap and create and just have fun but I didn't know how to reach out to people.

Then a few months ago I started making sugar cookies with royal icing, you know, because I can make anything!!!  I came across a group in Facebook, it was all about cookies, then I asked if anyone knew a craft group...so here I go, asking to join Scrap Maidens.  What a great group that is, so much creativity.

Then!!!!  Wait, did i just start another paragraph with "Then"...oh well...So then, lol, I somehow got into the Pocket Letter group....whaaaaa Pocket Letter, what the heck is that?!?!  OMG, they are cute little stuffed squares of goodness that's what they are, and so creative.

Slowly I've been getting my mojo back, I've made some PL's, embellies and am currently working on an album.  But the most exciting thing for me has been that I've been able to give away little things here and there.  Just because I want to...no other reason.  I even have a little RAK jar that I've filled up with names that I plan on sending little (little) RAK's, over 250 people.  That is my goal and I can't wait until they're all out.  Then I can start a new one.

I had been wanting to start a pay it forward type of thing, shortly after that my mojo took a hiatus.  I am extremely happy to be able to do this.  I would love to send something out to those who really can't get their hands on much but how do you distinguish between the genuine and the greedy?  No way to really know I suppose. 

I will continue on my little merry way for now, until next time.