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Well, let's see...I'm a mommy and a wife that crafts on the little spare time I have...I tend to sleep late to get more crafting in...I think we all do that. I can almost never finish a single project start to finish...why? Because I come up with a way better project or idea and have to do it RIGHT NOW!!! Needless to say I have many projects unfinished, kind of all over my craft room (hehe). I love working with all sorts of supplies, paper, lace, pearls, paint, sprays…anything pretty much. I've yet to try many other wonderful supplies out there but one day I will…and will leave an unfinished project behind to start a new one…

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My 2014 Pay It Forward Plan

Through out the past few years I have collected all sorts of "things" to go with what ever craft project I'm currently working on.  The biggest problem I have is that I refuse to spend a boatload of money of just 5 pieces of anything....y'all know how that goes.  So I find the "deals" or what I think are deals and end up with 5x10 of what ever I only needed 2 of.  Then, I don't use them because they are too cute and don't want to run out...yup...a total hoarder. 
This all came about when a friend posted on Facebook some heartfelt and probably recopied post about giving more and loving more and just doing MORE to make others happy and not expecting something in return (I totally recopied the post too, lol).  Basically the first five people to post on her comment would get something special from her, whether it be homemade, store bought or whatever.  This would need to be done sometime this year, 2014, no heads up.  You'll just go to your mailbox one day and will have a little something special from a special friend. 
This inspired me and gave me the idea of making all the projects that I really wanted to do or try out new techniques or products and to actually give them away.  Not a swap, not to someone I know but to some random person.  One of my biggest reasons to not trying something new or to start a new project is that I just don't have enough room in my house to display or store things.  If I make something, I'd rather someone who would actually use it, or display it, have it.  This is also a great way to de-stash, just sayin.  Of course there were kinks to work out and I think I have them all sorted out....so, without further ado. 
This is my 2014 Pay It Forward Plan
  •   First and foremost, you must be a follower/subscriber of my blog.
Why you might ask?
Because the items that I will give away will be to those who follow my blog.
I will also post videos on my YouTube channel, or will try to post for every one, a video to let  you all know what's being given away and so you can see it in more detail.  Links would be posted on both the blog and my YouTube channel.
  • All projects/de-stashing will be posted on this blog.  If you are interested in receiving the item you must post a comment under the item I am giving away. 
  • For now, each person will be eligible to win once. 
  • The winner will be responsible for paying shipping.
    • Now I know what your thinking, "Winner pay for the shipping?! That's crazy talk!"  Well, if I give away as much as I'm planning I just wont have enough money for shipping for me to pay for every single one, soooo.  I'm afraid that will be a requirement.
  • If you are a winner you will have 48 hours to pay for shipping (I will give you a total), you would need to GIFT the shipping payment to me via PayPal, unless the winner would rather e-mail me a shipping label.  That would also work, I'm pretty sure it would work...we'll see I guess.
I think that's it for now...
The first item that I will give away will be posted in March, February is a busy month for me and can't wait to get all my birthday stuff done (Kids birthdays are in Feb...fun)

I'm pretty sure this is it...if I've missed something or if questions need to be answered please comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Frozen Birthday Drama

As most of you know Disney's Frozen has been a HUGE success.  It is by far one of my favorite movies...and Sophia's also.  My husband and I took the kids to see this movie end of December.  Little did I know she would fall into instant love.  The music is phenomenal and the story line is not the typical.  She now sings and pretty much knows the movie by heart.
My little princess is now wanting an Elsa Birthday.  I thought "Sure not a big deal", I'll just hook myself up at party city.  But before I knew it, I hadn't drawn my guest list to figure out a rough count.  By the time I went to purchase needed items everything was SOLD OUT.  It is now mid February and most places are still sold out.  You can find a single thing you might need in about five different sites.  After shipping its insane. 
The party favors where my biggest issue...so I decided to make my own.  And so we begin...
The inspiration to create my own party favors came mostly from my daughter but also the fact that the favors are not really that great.  They are disposable....not memorable at all.  Most of them are unless you can come up with (or have the money) for something extraordinary.  I also wanted the girls that came to celebrate Sophia's birthday to walk away with something that they would enjoy for a lot longer than a temporary tattoo or stickers.
Hair Accessories!!!!
And after a long debate with MYSELF (that's when the crazy comes out) I decided to post these all in my Etsy Shop.  
After many hours of trying out new ways to come up with something unique (at least to my eye) I came up with several different hair accessories to incorporate as the party favors...or "Thank You For Coming" gifts.  I can't even remember what I created first...so in no particular order....here you go!
Thank you all for stopping by...subscribe for my 2014 goal of paying it forward...what does that mean?? Subscribe and find out...the suspense...eeeeee
Hugs, Luane
The Headband

 The Mini Crown

The Clip

 The Snowflakes
Yes, I know, my French braid SUCKS
 Crown & Snowflake Combo
Clip & Snowflake Combo