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Well, let's see...I'm a mommy and a wife that crafts on the little spare time I have...I tend to sleep late to get more crafting in...I think we all do that. I can almost never finish a single project start to finish...why? Because I come up with a way better project or idea and have to do it RIGHT NOW!!! Needless to say I have many projects unfinished, kind of all over my craft room (hehe). I love working with all sorts of supplies, paper, lace, pearls, paint, sprays…anything pretty much. I've yet to try many other wonderful supplies out there but one day I will…and will leave an unfinished project behind to start a new one…

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Making your own Flourish/Bling

In this video...because I have tons of videos, I go over how to make your own flourishes or bling embellishments...I know it easy to just buy them...many times I run across needing a specific color that is just not provided...

So I started making my own.  Since this video I've done them in different color and have made my own little swirls to fit my current project.  One of my favorite things to do is make flower centers.   

I still stand by my pick up pencil...it's amazing for these types of little pieces and are available in my ETSY shop.


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