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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Foam Board Storage with Drawers

Hello there my Crafty Peeps!!!

It certanily has been awhile.... This post is about my foam board storage unit with drawers.  If you've seen any of my other videos you'll know I kind of have a love for foam board.  I love working with it and have created all sorts of boxed and storage pieces. 

Yes, some people are skeptical about making theire projects out of foam board but it you build it properly, it really can hold a good amount of weight. 

This is more a process video as it's not a continuous tutorial.  You'll see all the steps and I do explain, well I think I have explained everything you'll need and how to make this or a similare storage piece.  

Below is the video on the mostly finished unit.  All I need to do is paint my drawers and cover them up with paper.
Below finished unit.  All I need to do is paint my drawers and cover them up with paper. 

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